Log Entries

October, 2019

October 28, 2019

(11:00 PM) Went through one of my hard drives and compressed a lot of Substance Painter projects. They ranged from 20MB to 600MB each -- and a lot were for things I don't need anymore. Apparently, Substance Painter lets you resize your textures to tiny 128x128 pixel versions and then resize again to 4096x4096 or whatever you were using, and not lose any of your detail. Saves a little on disk space, too, before I gzip them.

Went through and screenshotted some old Substance Painter projects, too. Robot shell design inspired by the Guardians from Breath of the Wild, some TARDIS police box texture I apparently gave up on halfway through, for a Fallout 4 mod. A few other interesting things that I forgot to screenshot, so RIP those.

Also did some work in Unity, including a quick retro robot NPC and ported an old flying robot drone thing to Unity. I'm planning on retexturing it for use in a walking simulator. In the meantime, it's just hanging out preaching to the other robots. Using scrambled audio from a long-dead preacher that is broadcast every night on the radio. The original bot did the same thing, in VR -- starting 3 years ago around Halloween.

October 19, 2019

(4:45 AM EST) Some stuff I've worked on lately...

Inspired by the Eternal Darkness portrayal of Angkor Thom, as a VRChat world

Another VRChat world, Spyduck's Apartment

And as usual, some misc. things that I have nowhere else to put

Most things I've made recently have been in Unity or for DCL or VRChat. Lots of changes to a walking simulator in Unity lately, haven't got any good screenshots/videos yet. Soon.

(4:50 AM EST) Just realized it might not be obvious... but hovering over these thumbnails sometimes gives more detail.

(5:00 AM EST) Oh, and I did some Blender stuff using Japanese Town Game Assets by GuttyKreum for my textures. Looks pretty good, probably going to get more tilesets to work with this style more.