Log Entries

November, 2020

November 18, 2020

(2:51 AM) So I just found out that someone did the digital equivalent of trying to get my attention by writing me a message on paper and then flushing the message down the toilet in hopes that I'll one day become a sanitation worker and find it. And, eventually, 5 months late, I saw it. Just send me a message directly, damn

November 17, 2020

(11:56 PM) okay let me just fix that.

(11:54 PM) test of image dumping...

(11:10 PM) OKAY! Seems to work so far.

The next part is so I can just dump some image or video URLs into the edit box and it'll generate the code I use to display those

(10:51 PM) Making a script so I can easily add a new entry to this blog without having to edit any code. Why is programmatic text editing such a pain. (this is also a test)