Log Entries

November, 2019

November 28, 2019

(12:45 PM) We've got the chat on every page now! This means you can see when people are in the chat without having a separate tab open. I also added timestamps and cookies to store the username, and backend stuff to make sure people don't spoof their randomly generated names. You can open/close it with the chat button on top, which also shows how many peers are connected.

(1:00 PM) I recently modeled/textured the Doctor Who dinosaur stun gun from the Third Doctor story, Invasion of the Dinosaurs. You can see or download it here: Dinosaur Stun Gun on Sketchfab

I tried to do a 3d photogrammetry scan from some Pokémon Shield gameplay. So I took 3 different ~30-second videos of the starting town -- and could have done this a lot better if I'd planned it out beforehand -- then converted to screenshots with ffmpeg and threw it into Meshroom.

Didn't stop there though. I'd been training a model for style transfer using lengstrom/fast-style-transfer over night, and decided to run the screenshots through that. I don't know whether I should have attempted to reconstruct the mesh using those stylized images or not, so instead I ran Meshroom through until it created the 3D model and then replaced the stored screenshots with stylized versions before the texturing step. It worked well, but the model wasn't trained well enough to produce interesting enough colors in the results. Maybe I'll resume the model training later and see what else it can come up with.

Still, prior to this my options for style transfer were either on the final model's texture (usually scaled down, stylized, then upscaled with waifu2x) or some python script for PhotoScan (which I may not have a license for). Good to be able to do it for free and legally.

(1:10PM) Another thing I did was some easy to set up VR art gallery templates. You basically clone the page (or use the shitpost variant ) and paste image URLs into the template fields. Aside from that, my Ultraviolet Gallery variant here on neocities has art that's been style transferred with either the same ultraviolet style from above or similar. Except it's been run through Deep Dream Generator and looks a lot better, I have no idea how they get their images so sharp. I'd love to find out so I can do it on my own machine.