Log Entries

June, 2019

June 24, 2019

Been busy lately, haven't had much to post publically. Did do a few things in my spare time, though...

Added some scripting to my parcel in the Makers neighborhood of Cryptovoxels.

Literally just a slideshow with links (URL hub with limited space, hooray) and a news ticker around the building.

Some JanusWeb stuff. Avatars that can be selected from ghost recordings in the world.

Faceless Men in Skyrim (armor that changes the player's appearence) and the libary greeter robots from Doctor Who.

Made a couple VRChat worlds to help myself learn Unity. I don't have enough "trust" from spending time in game to make them public in the app, yet. You can still launch directly in. There's also browser versions that run in JanusWeb.

Mewtwo shrine in VRChat (or browser version )

Hanging Terrace in VRChat (or browser version )