Log Entries

December, 2019

December 9, 2019

(12:45 PM) I made a program last Monday/Tuesday. An autopainter app, you give it a reference image and it tries to recreate it using brush strokes.

It was heavily based on Serpent.AI's python program that he showed off on stream last month, so I pretty much have to credit him for the whole idea and some details of how it works. I have a hard time understanding the code he showed on stream (it's not bad code, my baby brain just didn't know what to do with what I was seeing), but I wanted to challenge myself to make it with what I did know. No OpenCL and slow with large images, but at least it works.

I've mostly used it for shitposts so far, though.

Source is up at https://github.com/Spyduck/pyautopainter

There are options for how many iterations (and what brush sizes to use), palettes (using the exact palette or simply hue-shifting toward it) and "color distance threshold" which is basically how different part of the canvas needs to be from the input image before it'll be painted on.