What is this?

Wired Realms is a collection of WebVR worlds that explorable in your browser, whether in 3D or VR.

The worlds in Gallery are curated from my own, and many are fanart of Serial Experiments Lain, Pokémon, or other media.

The worlds in Popular are pulled from the all-time most popular rooms on the Vesta platform, and the worlds in Trending are currently popular. (Their 360° thumbnails are taken automatically, and do not always display properly.) These are now only linked from this page, I'm slowly phasing them out.

Logs are my personal ramblings and screenshots/videos of projects I'm working on.

Also, there's a chat on the top of every main page now. You can click it from wherever and talk.

How does it work?

These worlds are powered by JanusWeb , an open source web framework for building social VR experiences.

Additionally, most JanusWeb worlds are compatible with the native JanusXR client.

They are XML embedded inside a webpage's HTML, and these are hosted on Vesta , a social network and WebVR hosting platform.

That's a lot of text, where do I start?

Just jump in through the Gallery or Log pages.